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A Re-Blog Describing anxiety as a character

By niraj In this blog post, I will also pretend that anxiety is a person, and describe 4 personality traits of anxiety. This time, I will not speak to anxiety… Describing anxiety as a character Hello guys, good morning and welcome to the new week. Hope you’re doing great, wonderful etc. So today, while I
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Hello beautiful people, how y’a doing ? It’s a beautiful day, a lovely morning…. another day of the week… I dunno why but I’m super excited about today’s post. Today’s post was inspired by The VOGUE 73 questions video series and A lady goes west whose blog totally gave me the vibe to hop on
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Perception of Harmony

By Onyeario Princess Watching the sunset like it’s my first, Watching the clouds gather like it’s going to rain, Watching the birds fly in a multitude, What a peaceful sight, Watching the trees sing and dance to the rhythm of their tone, What’s an amazing sight, Ever wonder what it would be like to fly
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The story challenge

Hey guys, welcome to and back to May’s world. How you’ll doing today… I would like to apologize to my girl @Sabrina for working on this challenge late. And thank you ah 100% for this nomination, you motivated me to put my fiction ability a test 🙂 I saw it late and already had blog
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Leap of faith

Halo, Halo mes amies, how you doing ? So, so, so, so it’s a beautiful cool and semi hot morning at my current location….. Let me know your location and how the weather is like. Last week or was it a week ago, I took a leap for faith to request for something I haven’t
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Pompous self – adulation

Hello everyone, how you doing… Missed me ? Cause I certainly have missed you guys a lot.. I’ve been soo occupied lately and it’s eating up with my posting time but it won’t stop me from posting that’s for sure.. To be pompous in my opinion is seen differently. First of, it’s seen as self
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Amazing Experience

Good day, Good day, Good day How y’all doing today… it’s April, a new month, new beginning, new opportunities and soo on Welcome to the New month and I pray for continuous blessings… Today, I’m going to give you guys a little push, a little motivation and inspiration… One thing I’ve learnt in life is,
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Positivity {the power of a single positive thought}

A Re-blog Don’t just let it change your day let it also change who you are and how you view the world What was, what is and what will Instantly becomes … Positivity {the power of a single positive thought} Hello beautiful people, welcome welcome…. it’s Friday ( TGIF) looking forward to the weekend and
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Hello beautiful people, who missed me 🙂 So guys, I’m soo soo soo sorry for the delay in posts, I’ve been supper busy here and there and bumped up with challenges. But we move right ? I’ve really missed posting and missed me readers even more… before I go any further ( How y’all doing
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