Hello beautiful people, how y’a doing ?

It’s a beautiful day, a lovely morning…. another day of the week… I dunno why but I’m super excited about today’s post.

Today’s post was inspired by The VOGUE 73 questions video series and A lady goes west whose blog totally gave me the vibe to hop on this.

Here’s May’s 73 Vogue inspired :)… Enjoy 😉

1.) What’s your favorite time of day? Morning and evening time ( when the weather is usually relaxing)

2) What did you eat for breakfast? Oatmeal and a slice of bread

3) Were you named after someone? No, i wasn’t

4) Where were you born? Abuja, Nigeria

5) When are you the most inspired? When I’m watching Tv, like reality Tv shows, movies, and listening to podcasts. You guys can also check out my podcast @ Chattrap

6)Heels or flats or sneakers? I love sneakers and flats

7) What are you currently reading? Atomic Habits by James Clear , Eat right 4 your type by Dr. Peter J.D’Adamo

8) What book did you most recently finish? The subtle art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson

9) What’s your favorite holiday? My birthday ( most definitely) and Christmas ( yay)

10) Where did you attend University? Abuja, Nigeria

11) What is the best thing about the town
where your
University was? Hmmm, it was really quite

12) The worst thing, same question? It was too quiet ( scary)

13) 3 words to describe where you live? Peaceful, great electricity and good security

14) Favorite food? I honestly don’t have one, but I enjoy noodles, vegetables, and fruits

15) Least favorite food? Hmm, I’m a foodie, it’s kinda hard to tell. I eat everything for now 🙂

16) Favorite drink? Fruit juice & soda

17) Favorite restaurant? KFC

18) Favorite pizza topping? Grilled chicken, beef, and sausage

19) Favorite Country to Visit? Spain, Canada, Seychelles

20) the Last country you visited? Spain

21) What Country do you want to visit? Paris

22) Diamonds or Pearls? Don’t want to be greedy but I like them both, can’t decide

23) Kittens or puppies? Puppies 100%

24) What’s your favorite color? Blue

25) Do you like surprises? I love it like crazy

26)What are three words that describe you? Black, brave and beautiful

27) Favorite Disney Character? All the Disney princesses

28) What’s your Spirit Animal? Butterfly.

29) Have any pets? No, I don’t have any

30) What’s the cutest thing ever? Puppies are the cutest thing ever

31) Favorite Fashion Trend? oversized hats, skinny jeans

32) What’s the coolest thing about being a
parent? (if applicable)
not a parent yet

33) Favorite Movie/series of All Time? Friends with benefits, Emily in Paris, blackish, grown-ish, everybody loves Raymond, Korean series ( legend of the blue sea, the beauty inside, Waikiki), The Johnsons, Grow up or Nut ( YouTube series)

34) What’s the one talent you wish you had? Dancing

35) Movie that Made you cry? The notebook, the titanic

36)Besides your phone or wallet, what are a couple of must-have purse items? Lipstick/bam, tissue, power bank, sweets.

37) Vintage or new? Both

38) Most desired quality in a friend? Honesty, independence,

39) Can you speak any other language but
Not yet

40) What’s your biggest strength? Positivity

41) Favorite TV show that’s currently on? KUWTK ( guess), Wendy Williams, The kitchen, chopped, E-news, nightly pop, celebrity game face.

42) Favorite TV show of all time? E-news

43) Favorite game? Call of duty, and fun game.

44) Favorite hobby? Singing, blogging, playing, being happy

45) What do you do to decompress? Watching TV, having a drink.

46) How do you spend a Saturday in your
Watching Tv, playing with my neighbor’s puppy, and talking with friends.

47) Best First Date Idea? A nice evening at home with bae with candles ( maybe) watching a nice movie with drinks and snacks

48) Dream Vacation? A long day at the best beach

49) What’s your pet peeve? Bad manners, dirty people, bad breath

50) What’s something you notice about someone when you first meet them? Manner of approach, attitude

51) What’s heavily played on your music playlist right now? Joe-boys album, best friend by saweetie, deep end by Foushee

52) What’s your guilty pleasure? Eating when bored

53) What Book have you will read over and over again? I honestly can’t read a book twice

54) Favorite Sport to watch? If dancing Is considered a sport

55) Favorite lunch? Pasta and fried chicken with coslow or salad

56) Favorite snack? Biscuits ( Any kind )

57) Is Someone famous and alive that you will love to have lunch with? Oprah Winfrey

58) What Historical era you’d want to live in, and
where? Honestly wouldn’t want to live in any historical era, imma 21st century kinda gal.

59) Dream car? A Solara Convertible

60) Favorite outdoor activity? Shopping, window shopping, going to gardens and parties.

61) Favorite indoor activity? Watching Tv & snacking

62) Play an instrument? Nop

63) Where do I see myself in 10 years? Let’s get back to this in 2031, shall we 🙂

64) What is your “must do” when you go to
the movies?
I must get popcorn and drink, it’s the movie-watching tradition

65) What do you consider to be your greatest
Starting up creativemay 🙂

66) What is your dream job? My dream job is to be a successful and independent woman…

67) Favorite quote?

Be positive and believe it’s going to happen. because it will… All you need is Crazy Faith

68) What would you bring on a one-way trip to Mars? My camera and some earth food just in case

69) You’re stranded on a desert island, who
would you be stranded with?
With my loved ones, please

70) You’re having a party, who do you invite? Definitely my friends

71) What am I horrible at? Sports:=(

72) If I had a chance to change something what would it be? I would love to do away with poverty, gender discrimination, abuse, and the unemployment rate.

73) Would you recommend this interview to
someone else?
Most definitely… I would love all of you to join me in this Vogue series for bloggers… feel free, please.

You can also answer any or All of the 73 questions in the comment section below …


How did you spend your valentines? I spent mine at home watching a Korean series. Put a smile on my face by telling me about yours.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Mays-inspired Vogue series… have a lovely day and thank you for reading

See you soon… cheers

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