A Re-Blog Describing anxiety as a character

By niraj

In this blog post, I will also pretend that anxiety is a person, and describe 4 personality traits of anxiety. This time, I will not speak to anxiety…

Describing anxiety as a character

Hello guys, good morning and welcome to the new week.

Hope you’re doing great, wonderful etc.

So today, while I was about working on a post for you guys, I came across this post by Nira concerning the personality traits or Character traits of Anxiety.

Basically, he spoke about anxiety being a character, referring to it as an individual… here are some things he listed;

  • Anxiety is clever
  • Anxiety is over confident
  • Anxiety is mean
  • Anxiety doesn’t give up

Check out the link above to read about the anxiety post and get to understand anxiety a character…. Also I would love to lay out a few more characters of Anxiety; in

  • Anxiety is ruthless
  • Anxiety is an over thinker
  • Anxiety is a procrastinator
  • Anxiety is negative and can be positive
  • Anxiety is a talkative
  • Anxiety is a people pleaser

And so on and so fourth…

Thank you guys soo much for reading, see you soon



How about you give us more anxiety characters you feel should be included. And please read This

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