Princess Nkem Onyeario

Otherwise known as May, a literary icon and creative writer.


Hello there! I’m May, also known as Princess Onyeario, a fervent reader and writer who finds immense joy in the enriching experience of learning. For me, words transcend mere alphabets on paper; they are vessels carrying stories, showcasing ideas, and unveiling real human experiences. My passion for learning is matched only by my commitment to reciprocity, as I take great pleasure in volunteering to help build the lives of others. I firmly believe in the profound impact of small acts of kindness in effecting change.

My journey into the world of ideas has led me to explore the vast space of books, revealing new horizons of thought. From the dusty pages of classic literature to the transformative realms of modern science and technology, I am unwavering in my pursuit of knowledge. This blog serves as my platform to intricately weave together the threads of my education, writing, and selfless endeavors.

Having graduated with a degree in Political Science and Diplomacy, I am now pursuing Business Management with a focus on Human Resources. This new perspective adds depth to my journey, and I am grateful for your presence as part of this change-oriented process.

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