Pompous self – adulation

Hello everyone, how you doing…

Missed me ? Cause I certainly have missed you guys a lot.. I’ve been soo occupied lately and it’s eating up with my posting time but it won’t stop me from posting that’s for sure..

To be pompous in my opinion is seen differently. First of, it’s seen as self importance ( high expectation of ones self ). Also it’s also known to be bragging, boastful etc, feeling that your more important or better down someone else

Can you see your self as someone of high importance and not brag nor be boastful of it ?

I will leave this one to you guys ……………… hoping to get your response at the comment section below.

Self adulation according to Oxford dictionary is “the quality of having an excessively high opinion of oneself or one’s importance.”

Pompous self adulation in my opinion is the boastful quality of having high person opinion of ones important with the aim of bringing down others..

A lot of individuals are like that, they are soo full of themselves and Brag soo much about it and cause others to feel inferior or not up to standards.. correct me if I’m wrong it’s okay to see your self of high importance and quality but it’s not okay to look down on others…

One thing I’ve learnt is that no one is perfect, everything works at its own pace and time…it’s very possible to be pompous self adultified and not know it ( permit me to use that word, I don’t know if it exists )…

It’s time to understand that actions have meaning and not just words… even my facial expression says a lot right now

It’s time to also learn that words cut deep and can leave an imaginary scare…

Be careful with your words and action… don’t always feel like your better or more important than someone thereby giving room for degrading…

I know a lot of people who are better and more important than I am but they don’t make me feel bad or look down on me and l believe that how it’s meant to be

Don’t you think soo ?

Let’s learn to brag about ones self importance without looking down on others…


Would you rather work for someone or be your one boss ?

Thanks for reading, see you soon

Cheers 🙂

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