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10 Rules to Success

By Oprah Winfrey Hello everyone welcome to & back to creativemay, How y’a doing ? Last night I was contemplating on what to share with you guys cause I wanted to talk about something motivational and Inspiring and I didn’t want to bore you with long talks and repetition To God be the glory I
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Unchanging facts

Hello beautiful people How you doing, Hopes we are all enjoying the weather. Unchanging facts What is that about ? Facts about the world changes on a daily basis because the world is being monitored by statistics and data. Although the world change is inevitable ( obviously ) but it’s important to note that the
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A little chat with Miss Amakwe Christiana Hello lovely people, how are you doing? Welcome back, once again I have to apologize for my inconsistency. My scheduled posting time was tampered with, but I’m here now. Did you miss me? Soo today’s post is about chimerism I came across this last week on a friend’s
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Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS)

Hey guys it’s #motivationmonday/mental health on creativemay. Hope you had a lovely weekend. Today’s mental health topic is (FAS) Foreign Accent Syndrome, a rare illness that causes a person to speak with an accent of someone from a different country or region. This might sound unrealistic or impossible but it’s real and it’s very possible
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