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Festive sermon #scripture Sunday Hellllooo peoooople, happy Sunday to you everyone. Hope you enjoyed the weekend and looking forward to a fruitful week Today, I’m going to be laying down Christmas sermons and scriptures to lighten up your day and keep you pumped up and you also get a learn a thing or two… Watch
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Hey guys, it’s another month in the year 2020. We thank God for keeping us through out the year even with the whole pandemic, thank God for our life’s and that of our family. I will like to welcome you all to the month of AUGUST, it’s a month of new beginnings for us all
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Father’s Day special

Hey dad, Happy Father’s Day to you, God bless you. My one and only dad, Thanks for believing in me, We are sooo lucky to have you, You are not just our dad but our teacher, You’ve taught us to defend our selves and to defend those in need of our protection. Grateful to have
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The Sufficient one

Happy Sunday folks, welcome to a new month. A month of answered prayers and blessings. I’m about to go all scriptures on you all today. so I went to church and the message was holy ( permit me to say that). like I felt the need to tell you guys about it. so today’s sermon
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