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Sunshine Bloggers Award

Hello beautiful people ; ), how ya doin ? Welcome to creativemay, missed me cause I missed you too Last week and two days ago I was nominated for the sunshine bloggers award by two lovely personalities. You can check out their post Here and Here Thank you soo much guys, I really really appreciate
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Peer pressure tag

Hello beautiful people, how are we doing ? How’s the day going… well well, not to brag or anything but I got my first tag of the year…. yaaaaayyy… And I was tagged by none other than my lovely friend Sabrina check out her blog post. Also, check out the post I was tagged in
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Hey guys, happy happy Monday…. please ask me why I’m so enthusiastic today Well, last night, I was nominated for The Mystery Bloggers Award and I’m super excited because it’s my second award nomination this year #smiles I would love to thank @My one penny wisdom for nominating me. Thank you so much dear, this
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