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Hey guys, welcome to and back to May’s world. How you’ll doing today…

I would like to apologize to my girl @Sabrina for working on this challenge late. And thank you ah 100% for this nomination, you motivated me to put my fiction ability a test 🙂

I saw it late and already had blog posts planned for the week. But hey I’m here right 🙂

Soooooooooooo !!! Let the challenge begin …

A big shout out to this creative mind @GIGI for this writing and skill improvement task, I’m happy to be part of it.. oya no long talk because I’ve got a story for you. Before that, let’s go over the rules of this challenge….


✅Always use the official book cover of The Story Challenge.

✅Make sure to link back to the creator-Gigi. So it’ll be easier for me to read all your juicy stories.

✅You are to form a story or at least a chapter of a story, varying from 500-1000words in total.

✅Your story must begin or end with the line you are given(by the person who nominated you).

✅You are allowed to go all out. Do your best! You can even–design a cover for your story challenge, give it a title and whatever crazy ideas you can think of.

✅You are to thank the person who nominated you and also nominate 3-5 more bloggers. Leave a comment on their recent post! E.g “Hey there! I just nominated you for the story challenge! Here’s your line: And I knew right there, that music was the love of my life.



Line I got: is this what pretty feels like ?

Is this what pretty feels like ?

Just like In the 80’s or is it 90’s, oh what the heck who cares. Hey I’m snow and I’m a plus size 11 Grader at Africa’s college senior high, Comoros.

Baggy cloths are my thing, just looking for ways to hide my self from the world. Ever heard of Big, timid & ugly. The first of my kind, luckily for me I’m the biggest in my house, like I’ve absorbed all the family fat leaving me with all things big if you know what I mean.. Well this is my not so awesome story…

Yes I’m a biggy but I can’t say I’m bold. I wasn’t the top notch in class and good heavens neither am I the the last. It’s safe to say I am the biggest in my house and the not the dullest in my class ( I can’t be the queen of both worlds, how would I contain my self, let alone pass through the front door ).

Being big is really challenging for me, I get mocked, & bullied. Even my siblings make fun of me. I do the most chores but still I don’t lose any weight ( what an irony )

Life as snow peas isn’t a bed of roses, I hate my self and how I look. I can’t even go shopping with my family, basically it’s a waste of time. The things I would love to wear doesn’t come in large nor Extra large. In Comoros it’s like clothings are made specifically for the Mince/petit as the French man would say.

It was all challenging but truth be told, life got a lot better, thanks to my new neighbors. Funny story ( I was the least excited for their arrival, to me it was the arrival of a new set of mocking band) or so I thought.

Jack was in college, the guy of every girls dream on sakode’s Avenue. And my self exclusive Tho, I had bigger things to worry about. Mary to my surprise was a sweet girl, an 11th grader like my self and for the first time In my life someone wanted to be friends with me, me snow peas.

Mary was so kind, she helped me with my chores, homework and even took me shopping. Did you know there was a plus size only clothing store. She even took out time to help me pick out my outfits for school with her popular phrase ‘ Snow, your beautiful but you hide your self with your insecurities and judgments you don’t deserve’

It took me a while to adjust but I did, I let go a little for the first time In months or is it years. I got my hair done. ( ikr, imagine the transformation)

In a week I turned from fatty snow to just snow. It felt really good, I was confident with my self, comfortable with my body. I even got the attention of a few cuties in school but I wouldn’t spill … but yeah it all happened.





Sometimes, hiding isn’t always the best way out. We tend to hide ourselves from unnecessary / unworthy situations and forget that we are all made in the image and likeness of God.

Learn to appreciate yourself. Live your life to the fullest, it doesn’t matter if your big, small, tall or short.

I’ve never felt soo pretty and beautiful. And comfortable with my body.

Is this what pretty feels like ?


hey hey, hope you enjoyed my hand written fiction ( hahahaha). Let me know what you think about snow peas

My Nominees

1. Rainbow

Your line: To scared to be lonely.

2. My one penny wisdom

Your line: Ready or not, here I come.

3. Short story with Shivani

Your line: how did it feel ?

4. Riya’s world

Your line: what ever it is.

Thank you guys soo much for reading, looking forwards to seeing more story’s from you’ll

See you soon


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