Wisdom: The Proverbs of Life

Wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge and understanding, it is associated with attributes of impartial judgment, self-knowledge, compassion, and virtues of morality. Wisdom does not function in size nor age but dwells in experience. You cannot attain wisdom without experiences and it consists not in personal experiences alone.

Wisdom is the baseline for a successful life. (Read romans 4:7). The quality of wisdom at work in your life is what determines the outcome of our lives. The wisdom available and the wisdom applied.

To understand the proverbs of wisdom, one has to enrich themselves with the willingness to learn from the experiences of others. 

When times are good be optimistic when times are terrible, consider it a fact that mortals cannot predict the odds.

However, understanding wisdom is the realization that wickedness is an act of stupidity and foolishness is completemadness. Wisdom is very deep and even in the Ecclesiastes, You will see that “wisdom makes one’s face shine and it changes one’s grim look.” that is the power of wisdom.

Lack of wisdom is why we struggle ( ecc 10:10). Wisdom is profitable to direct. We understand from scriptures that putting the word to work is walking in the vision of God. Matt 7:24-29, psa 119:130.

We can grow in wisdom as we grow in the word. Prov 1:5-5, 2peter 3:15


Wisdom is one of the many things we pray for in our daily lives, what better way to understand the word “wisdom” than in the scriptures.

Hey guys welcome welcome welcome to the blog and thank you so much for reading, today I was lead by the word to share this lovely piece with you’ll to give you a clear understanding of the power of wisdom.

See you soon

Cheers 🙂

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