The word frosty means to be cold, unfriendly, pissed off, annoyed, unsympathetic, I could go on and on.

Hey guys, it’s a new week and let’s start off the week with a fresh smile and cut down on the frosty attitude, and that I’m not in the mood attitude and chill a little bit shall we.

Don’t get me wrong, I know you may have some emotional dilemma and you can’t control it any more and you need to just pour it out, but your spilling hot tea on the wrong person/surface don’t you think…

when your emotionally stressed and you want to let loose it’s better to let loose with the right person, someone whom understands you and can tell you hey, babe your just being frosty why don’t you chill a little bit.

I felt soo frosty earlier today and thanks be to God I expressed my emotions to the right person and he was like your just being frosty why don’t you just relax, put your phone down and read a book to calm your nerves. Why was I frosty you ask ?

I got entangled in this dilemma that I didn’t know what to do, was filled with soo much emotions and I was able to express myself to the right person and luckily at the right time…

Okay Soo what’s to learn here ?

First of, we need to learn to relax a little bit.

Naturally I believe that no bad situation or emotions last forever, most often than not it may take time to get out of such situations but the lesson is to learn how to express your self. If I hadn’t expressed my self I would have being filled with lots of negative energy and an unsympathetic attitude and things might have escalated.

I don’t know if you get what’s going on here but I guess I’m trying to pass a message.

In life, there are hard times, silly times, happy times, frosty moments but these feeling are inevitable all we need to do is learn how to express ourselves and learn to express it properly soo you won’t be misunderstood. Try to cool down, relax and stop bitting the wrong person with that frosty attitude.

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