Hey guys, welcome welcome. How are we all doing. For a while, I’ve heard ladies and guys talk about some kind of chills they want to get into after the whole pandemic ish…

Some single ladies are already idealizing their first dates with fingers crossed that e no go pass this year. I may not be on this train but let me join my ladies in their prayer abeg ( ladies that pray together, achieve together). LOL…

Ok ok, what’s my ideal first date like ? Omo don’t get me wrong oooo I’ve being on my first date but I just want to yan…

You know we ladies, we’ve got different kinda preferences when it comes to chilling with our man. Some would like to go on dinner dates at a lovely restaurant, eat out, bar, you name it. Some would like to go to the movies. Some are okay with a stay at home kinda date with perfumed candles, slow jams and a lovely home cooked dinner.

Hmmmmm, mad ooo. It’s all good tho, I’m actually down for any if I were to be but I’m not. HAHAHA.

My ideal first date is something simple tho, to be honest, I’m okay with any nice activity my boo sets up ( not my fault I’m not the hopelessly romantic type ) As long as it’s fun and it brings that crazy smile to my face then I’m good. I even consider window shopping with my boo a date.

That aside, I would love to give you guys 5 lovely first, second, third date abi chillzz with babe (let’s call it that ) tips.

Let’s start our relationship on the right foot shall we:

Go hiking ( sounds boring but trust me it’s fun)
Go on a dinner date… with some delicious Wine shall we.
Go swimming.
Go to a concert.. most times this isn’t really considered as a date but it is trust me. It’s soo fun vibing with you boo at a concert.
Go to the movies…
Do a picnic at a beautiful location…

These are really lovely first date tips… obviously these aren’t the only one but these are my favourite and most recommended types that you should try…

Quick question: Can we consider Netflix and chill as a first date or is it just let me say some sort of agenda… see you guys at the comment section.

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