Relationship, relationships that all I hear about theses days…

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First of, How do you feel about Relationship ? I went around to ask a few friends about this and here’s what they had to say:

Madu ikenna said: relationships are a relationship you get to learn, understand, tolerate and adapt, and well love is also there. We get to know people not just relationship through intimacy but through friendship, It’s a connection of acceptance between people.

Jasmine nnabue said: A relationship is a special bond, special connection between two people that have romantic feelings towards each other. A relationship is connecting with someone in a way that is different and more special and beautiful than others.

Ebede Michael said: Relationship is all about communication and interaction. Relationship is very important no matter the kind cause you get to understand the way people think and relate to things. In summary it all balls down to socialization. Basically friendship and socialization are the bases of relationship

Dadzie said: Well, it’s a beautiful thing when both parties are fully involved in it. I’ve been in a couple of relationships and to be honest it’s all down to communication, perseverance, patience and a little bit of compromise. Compromise in the sense that one needs to drop some old habits in order for the relationship to go smoothly. Once these things I mentioned aren’t in check, then it’s just gonna end in shambles and premium tears. Although relationships these days aren’t anything to write home about, but I still see some and it gives me some sort of hope.

Dilemma are issues with two or more possible solutions. Relationship dilemma are issues between a couple, couples or among friends that have various solutions.

Here are some relationship dilemma’s and my personal opinion. please feel free to air out your own opinions as well at the comment section or reach out to the social media handles for one on one conversations.

My boyfriend and I just started dating a month ago and I feel like his not into me that much because he doesn’t show me off to his friends. Does that mean he doesn’t like me ?

Answer: In my opinion, I feel it’s too early to be worried about being shown off to his friends. It’s a new relationship and it’s expected that things are to be taken slow and steady, one step at a time . In other words the girlfriend should be a little more patient.

My girlfriend can’t say no to guys who ask for her numbers, what do I do ?

Answer: Trust is very important especially in a relationship, it’s important to let your girlfriend know your not comfortable with her distribution of number to other guys and then try to trust the process and also accept that you maybe a little bit insecure.

My girlfriend cheated on me, she felt guilty and told me about it. Should I forgive her ?

Answer: one of the hardest relationship dilemma is cheating, it’s mostly commonly heard about in guys but who said women can’t cheat to. Various relationships have what they call cheating meaning to them cheating doesn’t just involve sex alone but maybe holding hands with someone else, it happens 路‍♀️. In a relationship no act should be justified, the deed has been done now the matter is will he forgive her, I guess that’s up to him… most times the reason for cheating sound ridiculously silly and doesn’t make any sense but it all depends on your feeling and if your willing to forgive or not. I can’t tell you to forgive or not all I can say is how do you feel and what do you intend to do ?

I like him soo much, I think he feels the same but I’m not ready to commit

Answer: first of when will you be ready to commit ? Is it when he has moved on. Do you really want him to wait till your ready. I feel like when your not ready to get into something you shouldn’t let the other person wait for too long cause it hurts more when you see that person moving on and automatically your now ready to commit. Learn to let loose and let go

I love her but it feels one sided. Does he trust me ?

Answer: the question is why does it feel one sided, the issue is do you trust her or do you love her. In this case you have to communicate your feelings to her and stop this one sided thing, it might not be what you think.

My ex wants us to be friends but I have a girlfriend and I don’t know if she will be okay with that.

Answer: if you feel your girl won’t be comfortable with you being friends with your ex then in my opinion I would say you shouldn’t be friends with your ex. But it’s better and advice able to maybe discuss it with her first and then know if it’s okay with her. Even if your friends with your Ex there should be boundaries between you guys.

My Ex wants me back but I’m not interested, how do I let him down easy

Answer: I always tell my friends not to do what they don’t want to do, always do what makes you happy and not cause your pity someone. It’s better to let him know your not interested and you can settle for friendship than you let him back in to your life and then start having regrets.

I’m scared she’s going to leave me for a wealthy guy although she claims to love me.

Answer: honestly I feel like if you really know if someone loves you you won’t call it claim. This is a though one cause people are different so I don’t want to prejudge anyone’s actions and I will say forgive me if I can’t give you a straight up answer but All I can say is bro, work hard and stop thinking about whether she’s going to leave you or not, just focus and do the best you can cause at the end of the day it’s either you tried or you didn’t

See you guys at the comment section 

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