John is a handsome man. The funny part about this was that he knew he was. But he never cared about it. A lot of women would die to have him, not just because he was handsome but because he was financially buoyant.

John came from a very well known family. He was the only son out of five kids. But even at that he never behaved pompous or proud. He was gentle, sweet, very good with words and humble. His lips filled my ears with awe. Any girl who listened to him talk would testify. There was somthing about his voice that gave me the chills. His voice was deep yet gentle. He is a good man.

The best part about john is that he is mine, we were in love. Felt like a queen and he my king, feeding me with unconditional love and pleasure as he caresses my whole body with his arms. Thinking about this makes me want him even more as I look at him standing in front of me on this alter.

His parents never understood why he would pick a girl like me cause I wasn’t from a wealthy background. But yet he didn’t mind he loved me either ways. And I loved him as well. But I could tell that alot of people were not happy about this wedding but I didn’t care, I was getting married to the love of my life.

Everything seemed to go perfectly, until I saw her walk in. Annabel John’s ex girlfriend, I could tell she was looking for something as she smirked and walked up to me near the wine table…

      ” you look so beautiful Sarah” she said 

As she smiled at me.

      ” but I pity you,…I pity you because of what your getting yourself into”. She said to me as her facial expression  switched. I could see both anger and fear in her eyes.

“What do you mean” . I said to her as I gently placed my glass of wine on the table next to me ready to swing a slap at her if she said somthing inappropriate.

” you do not know him at all Sarah” she said to me 

“He is…”

“Hello ladies” Austin, Johns best man and best friend walked in on us “hope all is well” he asked as he gave Annabel a suspicious gaze and she walked of.

As I went to bed that night, I kept on wondering what Annabel had wanted to say. But the sight of John on his briefs washed the thoughts of my mind.

……to be continued……

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