There is nothing tricky about finding your personal style, the purpose is to show the style that you lean toward. There are various types of style, every individual has their preference. In other for you to find your personal style you have to know;

  • What your more comfortable with. Are you more comfortable with a jean and T-shirt, or sophisticated styles. To find your personal style you wear cloths that your more comfortable with
  • What are your best features. Are you best features your legs, arms etc. Know your best angles, then filter cloths that expose those areas and stick with them.
  • Think of your preferences. Do you prefer cooperate wears, trendy styles, modest, neutral or colorful or do you prefer to dress like your Favourite celebrities, the choice is your.
  • Look for inspirations in places like; Pinterest, Instagram etc when ever you want to put together an outfit.

Like the saying goes “Dress the way you want to be Addressed.” Personal style is important cause it’s personal and it’s ones way of expressing ones self and can also help boost ones self confidence.. First impressions lies not just in the way you speak or walk but in the way you Dress.. Make your first impression count in your Dressing today.

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