Hey guys, I’m going to be laying down a few things and if you agree or differ leave your comments at the box below:

  • Is it just me or are jokes kinda like a gifted thing. The other day I went Online to like browse about some jokes soo I could make my friends laugh and at the end of the day I was frowning at the jokes I saw
  • Is it just me or guys that know how to cook usually feel like they have automatically become chefs
  • Is it just me or when ever you look in the mirror you start to give different posses for your aspiring pictures that you don’t end up taking
  • Am I the only one who’s never been to the beach but when people talk about it I contribute like that’s my regular hang out spots
  • Is it just me or Am i the only plus size who feels like a bikini model
  • Is it just me or Am I the only one who gives my self interviews and start laughing at my own not soo funny jokes
  • Do you sometimes have the feeling that ants live like humans just that they are smaller
  • Am I the only one who’s says I’m going to start my diet and exercise tomorrow and the day comes and I move it to the next day
  • I know we all sing in the bathroom and our voices sound like choir angels but Am I the only one what’s voice cracks while singing in the bathroom

Hold on hold on, there has to be someone else 😹leave your comments 👇🏾👇🏾

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