The bonds to self esteem issues

Self esteem is self worth, it’s the way we value ourselves, could be high or low depending on your self evaluation. Bonds are the things used to tie something or fasten things together. The bonds of self esteem are the ways in which we evaluate ourselves

Hey guys, what a beautiful day it is and welcome to another self development and motivational article.

  • Do you think it’s important to value your self ?
  • How much confidence do you have in your self ?
  • Have you appreciated your self so far for your achievements ?
  • Do you believe in your self ?
  • What is your self worth/value

Ask your self theses questions, what are you answers ?

When your self expectation is high, your building a better version of who you are, who you want to be and how far you want to go. When you value your self worth you start to evolve.

How ever, more or less persons battle with issues of self esteem by reducing their self worth/value and as a result low self esteem comes into the picture. This can be as a result of emotional issues ( post traumatic stress disorder PSTD), academic problems, relationship drama etc…

Self esteem can be characterized / broken down into three parts namely: (a) high self esteem (b) inflated self esteem (c) low self esteem.

Inflated self esteem is when individuals proclaim that they are a million times better than others, they look down on the efforts of others, inability to listen to other because of the belief that they are better than them, inability to accept and take corrections for their mistakes rather they blame it on someone else, highest level of pride, unable to keep a healthy relationship with people because you see them as competitions.

High self esteem is self acceptance and value, positive thinking and self satisfaction, self confidence and the ability to takes full responsibility of mistakes, values others and willing to learn from others.

Low self esteem is the inability to value ones self , possibility of being characterized with PSTD, always rooting out to be just like others, lack of self appreciation, low self confidence, living in fear, Do not trust your possibilities and achievements.

Having self esteem is inevitable, it’s either inflated, high or low. We need to learn how To value ourselves and others.

How do you evaluate your self worth ?

Let’s starts by:

  • Doing things that we enjoy
  • Waste no time with people who do not see your self worth, you may not be the best football player but your good enough always keep that in mind
  • Challenge and adjust your thoughts and beliefs
  • Take care of your self, learn to be your own person, being like others will only show your weakness, be true to your self and watch how you evolve
  • Be positive and always appreciate you achievements, encourage your self and be confident no one can show case your self worth better than you can.

Never forget you owe your self a lot of love, appreciations and encouragement. You are worth more than your second thoughts and maybes…

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Thank you 😊

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