Love spoke my name

By Eugenia Abu Love spoke my name at dinner

The food tasted better

The drinks seemed less eager

The room looked much smaller

And everyone looked far, far away

Love spoke my name …

Called my name

Took my heart and sat out

Love held my hand in China

“Knee How” I said to the broker

“I can’t breathe”, to the match maker

Love took me by the hand

Through flowers …

The garden rushed with gusto

Pinky rose, white jasmine and hydrangea

Love paused to sense the aroma…

Sweet, sweet smelling and tender.

Then every single pore burst open

“Rose in full bloom” I thundered

Dizzy I held my hand clasped and balmy

Love yanked me from down under

Clouds and clouds of mushy weather

Love spoke my name at dinner

Watching stealthily as I resort to whisper

Love… shake your surrender

Love … there is nothing to conquer

“Love me ” said “love”

“Someone meeds to love me”

Love sat out

Clinging to the heady aromas

Tangerine, Roses, lilies, oceans

Love spoke my name today

And urged me to “surrender ”

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