Hi guys, it’s Wednesday and it’s book review with creativemay. Before I proceed this book deserves a round of applause 👏🏽

Today I will be reviewing a very special book by LOIS TARIKABOR titled INTIMATE REFLECTIONS


MS. Lois Tarikabor is a mental and self development author, experienced content writer/ lifestyle blogger, founder of Loispiration network and a certified trauma therapist.


The book intimate reflections is a two piece truth series, that consists of various/ lovely articles and a self reflection/personal journal

The book is an inspirational/ intentional guide which aims to help you deal with your feelings, diverse emotions, sustain your finances and also develop your self.

The aim is to help you evaluate and examine your self and discover interesting things about your self In which after reading I did.

After reading each article, the author went ahead to input a personal journal to help guide us in our day to day activites and covering every important aspects of our life.

The book helps you to lay down your thoughts, release your emotions and let’s not forget to add how educational the book is.

I personally have learnt quite a number of things from the book intimate reflections such that it’s urged and encouraged me to expand my spirituality and also examine my self in various aspects of my life.

I urge you not to hesitate to purchase this book, it helps you not just emotionally but also spiritually and if I may add physically. What more could you ask for, this truth series is the way to go.

Take your time to reflect with intimate reflections and watch how you transform in thoughts, words and actions.

Available for purchase at

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