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Happy birthday to your’s truly….

Hello beautiful people, how you doing ?

Hope you’re great. Cause I’m super excited cause it’s my birthday and also a new month. A happy new month to everyone…

Welcome to a month of success, grace, mercies, and unexplainable blessings… wishing everyone the best best best.

Today I decided to tell you guys 22 things about myself on this very special day… I was given 22 questions and I’m going to be answering each and every one of them.

I cried soo much because I wanted to make audio but I didn’t get the time and well, here goes nothing 🙂

22 things about May…

Before I begin, My names are Onyeario Princess Nkem. Laying it out here soo you can get to know me a lot better.

Here we go:

1. The best thing you’ve ever done for someone.

May: hmmm, being a friend and someone to talk to at a time of need to most of the individuals on my contact list.

2. If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be

May: Anywhere than my current location.. life is hard here no cap

3. What do you wish your parents did differently while growing up

May: Honestly I can’t think of anything, it’s not that growing up was a bed of roses but I cannot complain because it wasn’t so bad.. oh wait I wish my parents didn’t change my schools so much ( it was really difficult then ).

4. If you could have any superpower, what would It be?

May: teleportation ( 100%)

5. Is there anything you wish you did differently

May: I wish I engaged in some extra professional activities while in school ( honestly, it’s hurting me ).

6. What’s your biggest dream?

May: to be happy ( first and foremost), a writer, diplomat, and the world’s best mum, sister, wife, daughter, friend, neighbor, and stranger ( LOL).

7. what are your top 3 goals?

May: This is similar to the previous question but considering I just turned 22, my top goals, for now, is Financial stability ( complete independence), working extremely hard, Buying a car ;), going to school for my MSC, and taking care of my Family.

8. Crazy habit

May: stress eating ( working on it tho ), laughing ridiculously ( but I would really call that a bad habit tho, it’s a habit but in a good way 😉

9. What would you like to learn about, apart from what you’ve learned in school?

May: psychological

10. What makes you happy?

May: the fact that we should all learn to live, love, and laugh all the time. And a positive mind brings good deeds and joy… I’m the happy cause of the people around me, the ones I’ve met, and the ones I’m yet to meet.

11. Do you have a lucky number? Why is it lucky for you?

May: Back in high school ( secondary school ) I was popularly known as boldie which originated from the nickname Bold 6. well 6 is sort of my lucky number and it is because the nickname was given to me by a friend ( a very nice friend )

12. Do you consider yourself a romantic?

May: No I do not, I’m so not romantic but I love watching romantic movies and all that stuff. I’m not good at practicing what I watch.

13. Your most embarrassing encounter

May: when my pants ripped open on the road while I was walking to get my brother from school… see I don’t know how I managed that day.

14. The funniest thing I’ve done to get someone’s attention?

May: I’m a certified attention seeker ( lol) I’ve done this stuff so much that I don’t know what to say or where to start. Okay, most times when I’m trying to get my friend’s attention, I call them, then I’m like it’s a mistake or I send messages and delete them really quickly.

15. Describe yourself in one word?

May: charming 🙂

16. What do I look out for when I meet a person for the first time?

May: Attitude, for me first impressions matter and if on the first day you are sassy or feeling too important then I’m off like the wind

17. Would you rather change the future or change the past by just imagining it?

May: I would rather change the past because it will change my present and my future. And I can’t change what I can’t see nor have I experienced.

18. Would you rather have more time or make more money?

May: I’m sure we all know the quote, time is money… well, I guess you know this one.

19. What legacy would you like to be remembered by when you have gone?

May: i would love my legacy to be something the world has never seen and never saw coming until it did. I don’t know what it’s going to be yet but I know it’s gonna be great.

20. What gives life meaning?

May: well, the challenges we face, the hard situations we find ourselves in, the decisions and the steps we take in life, the people we met and love ( it all gives life meaning )

21. What’s your best part about the 1st of may

May: for one, the fact it’s my birthday and also it’s a new month. It’s like a double blessing because I’m thanking God for adding a year to my life and then I’m thanking Him for seeing me to a new month.

22. What is the greatest thing about being you?

May: as I said, I’m charming 🙂 but what’s great about me is my personality.. my welcoming nature and my attitude toward people and situations around me.


I had a great time answering these questions, I laughed so hard along the line, honestly, it was fun…

Sharing this part of me with you guys is an amazing experience. Happy + 1 once again ( kinda weird wishing myself happy birthday ) I love you guys but I love me more

Have a wonderful day/ weekend/ new month


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