Hey guys, it’s another weekend and I’m guessing your already making plans and all that. Don’t forget to invite me .

Well, I’ve been working on this little project for a while now and finally it’s done. And I’m excited to share the good news


Perception is a two part motivational articles and interview based journal. It’s a self development, evaluation and examination guide through life and its challenges. The first part of the book simply talks about one’s thoughts ( My perception), which has been divided into various relatable articles. The second part of the book is an interview based section, where various individuals talks about their perception to life, the struggles, growth and lessons learnt.

My inspiration for the E-book

Well, before I became a motivational writer and life+style blogger, I’ve always loved relating and talking to various persons about their personal and psychological issues, I was soo keen about the human behavior and how interesting and exciting it was.

I learnt and understand various human emotions and mindsets, so far it’s been a wonderful experience and journey for me.

The aim of the book “PERCEPTION” is to help persons who are battling with various life issues and situations, to help you understand that their is more life that we see and the various steps and stages to life through the eyes of another .

It’s a self guidance process for you. And helps to understand ones self better and more effectively. Get a glimpse of life perspectives.

Perception will be up for sales on my website hopefully by next week and will be launched on Amazon kindle publishing on 13th December 2020


Have a lovely weekend guys and don’t forget to leave your remarks or questions at the comment section below 

If you would like to contact me in person, you can get my contacts for the menu section above and use any of the Communication means suitable for you..

Cheers 壟

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