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Hey guys, how’s your day going… well well I was nominated by Sabrina for this tag games. Check out her amazing blog and also here’s the post I was tagged In Post

Thank you Soo much I love you and I really appreciate this….

The rules

  1. Display the logo of this tag and the rules of the post.
  2. Thank the blogger who tagged you
  3. Give a link back to the original post.
  4. Mention 3 imperfections about yourself and also mention a situation where you felt insecure/guilty.
  5. Very IMPORTANT -> you need to mention “No one is perfect and I’m no exception ”
  6. Tag 7 or more people


Okay, if you ever tell me you have no imperfections then your lieing not just to me but to your self. Everyone has not just 1 but 2 or more things they feel either insecure about or an attitude towards.

Well, welcome to the chronicles of my 3 imperfections

  • I eat when I’m nervous, sad or bored
  • I get upset quickly especially if it has to do with my partner  ( but, I get calm quickly as well cause I have a very good anger management system)
  • I can be very impatient ( not all the time tho )


My worst insecurity is not being appreciated by the people I love, it hunts me soo much ( basically that’s my love language “to be appreciated”).

One time, early this year, I got into a fight with the love of my life cause I did something really bad and kept it a secret for like a month before I finally opened up. I was a serious battle and I felt so guilty and insecure  ( worst moments of my life ). On the bright side, it’s all in the past and we good now 

I feel guilty when I’m yelling at my little sister to stop pressing her phone and do the dishes, I yell cause she doesn’t listen. I feel guilty cause she’s nice to me even with all the yelling.

I feel insecure about people I don’t trust, I get this feeling that they don’t have good intentions ( I don’t judge, it’s just a feeling because they always give this negative vibes)

I’m a way better person now but these are my imperfections. No one is perfect and I’m no exception.


Thank you guys for reading, and if I didn’t tag you please please forgive me ( just let me know ). I love you guys have a nice day 😘

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