Hey hey guys, welcome welcome. I just had to hop on this Cause I played a role in this wonderful drama.. love truly lives within and with us even in difficult times there is love, in any situation there is love ❤️……. No matter how it may seem there is always that one person that loves us, who’s ready to take away the pain. It feel like your lost in this world until you find the redemption, that’s peace that you seek. This lovely Drama was Directed by Precious

Everyone is searching for something, something they can’t place their hands on, deep within there is a space, a space they can’t explain, a space words can’t figure, a space No one can explain, a space that can only be filled by love, it’s a crazy world they say and indeed it is. Some do ask and a lot do ask, do love still lives with us? Or it’s just a mere imagination that only lives in our thoughts.
Maybe it’s high time we show the face that’s been hidden behind that smiling face, so the world truly will understand how broken we are. The rage from within, the disappointment, the anger, the pain and far worst the brokenness maybe we should actually accept this truth that love doesn’t live with us anymore, maybe it uses and probably got sick of how this world is then left us.
Nobody and I mean absolutely nobody should tell me they understand because that’s what y’all do but never truly understand, oh well I guess it’s a common lie every human tells, just to run away from the actual truth they are not paying attention to, dont tell me you can help me fix this ! Don’t make promises you cannot keep, dont give me false hope or fake love like we all say but oh well  I wouldn’t blame them because love no longer lives with us.
Damn! This world is filled with too many chaos and every damn minute I’m wondering if I can survive this the next second. Just one peaceful moment I seek for. I’m broken don’t calm me down and again I ask do love truly live with us or is it just a mere imagination ? And if it doesn’t is there a way we can bring it back.

you keep fighting but never give a chance, what if you are actually focusing on the wrong direction, what if you stop listening to all the voices in your head and just listen? What if I tell you that I am love, would you accept me ? I am the answer you seek but then how can I show you me or even make you have an expression of me when you never give a chance, the world is crazy, yes I know There is soo much chaos, yes I know! A lot of people are broken, yes I know ! But y’all keep focusing on the wrong direction while I am just standing behind waiting, patiently waiting for y’all to realize that I am here and will always be ❤️
Let me help you heal, Let me help you take away the burden, let me take away the pain, frustration, depression, anger and brokenness. Stop fighting, stop crying, i understand what the world doesn’t. I just don’t say it, I am all that you seek and I am glad that you are finally giving a chance to discover, to be whole again and to be loved once more.
Truly love never left us ❤️
Love is beautiful, kind, patient, enduring, peace, amazing, unending, ageless, true.
Love lives forever ❤️❤️❤️

Director/ producer/ scriptwriter: Precious_wmm

Actress: The_princess_gram

Actor: _wytgram_official

Credit: Wemstudios

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