Hey guys, how are we all doing. Today we are going to be moving on the train of determination. I love the saying that’s goes determination is keen and it is indeed.

Determination is making the impossible possible. The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a persons determination. There is no force more powerful than a persons determination to rise above all obstacles.

There is this young man living in my area, I think his a student, a plus size young man to be specific …most times my Mum and I usually see him jogging pass our gate. He was big but he was determined very determined that he built his body up and all that extra fat have gone missing. When I saw him I was soo suprised. It’s true what they say that when you put your mind to something you will achieve it, it all balls down to determination. The young man was soo determined to lose that weight and he did it… I know of a lot of people that have set up a particular goal but haven’t been able to keep to it always looking for one or two excuses to cover up.. This guy made it happen and shocked everyone.

Determination is a positive emotional feeling that we all need. When you have decided to embark on a journey, determination is a quality of courage, strength and motivation. There are times when we just get lazy or tired and we feel like giving up…. I won’t lie I’ve given up plenty of times when it comes to some certain things but after a while I pick them right back up and keep moving.

I challenge you today to be determined in what every life endeavors. And dont forget to make it happen and shock everyone. Let’s mediate on this today and adjust our life styles and be more determined. Always have it in mind that when you wake up with determination you go to bed with satisfaction.

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