Love is blah blah blah.

Is it too late to ask you’ll to be my valentine? how does it work? Do you ask the day before or months before, I’m just asking?


Hey guys it’s May and it’s valentine’s day, one of the most anticipated days for lovers, married couples, and singles so they can entertain themselves with online and offline humor, hey who doesn’t want a good laugh and a bit of cheesy romance.

What is love? Is it attraction or attachment = nope

Love is when you feel complete. Love is the purest emotion in the world, it doesn’t have a solitary definition rather it is purposeless. Love is the most intensely thought about thing in the world and it’s constructive from reality.

Wanting to be with someone isn’t love, wanting their happiness is love, wanting their stability is love, praying for them, and wanting them to be successful in love, respect, support, and acceptance is love. You don’t necessarily need a spouse or fiancé to love (ever heard of self-love and acceptance?) love comes naturally and it can be towards and with whomever you want.

Well, I guess it’s prudent to say I practically love …. (take a wild guess ;))

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