Hey guys, it’s another month in the year 2020. We thank God for keeping us through out the year even with the whole pandemic, thank God for our life’s and that of our family.

I will like to welcome you all to the month of AUGUST, it’s a month of new beginnings for us all in every areas of our life’s . Old things have passed away and new things have began and we pray that this month of August will be a month of new things in our life. Today I will be laying down scriptural passages where we should all read for the month of August and also prayer point For this month

Memory verses

  • Isaiah 42 verse 9
  • Isaiah 43 verses 19
  • Genesis 8 verses 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Psalms 40


  • Let’s thank God for bringing us into this new month
  • We pray that all the situations that’s have been unstable in your life will be stable this month
  • Pray that God will put a new song in our month, song of joy, victory, benediction, praise and worship.
  • Ask God for your new beginning to start this month. ( when man says all hope is lost, there is hope in God )
  • Let’s pray for God to remember and notice us this month of August the way he remembers Noah.
  • This month the lord will fulfill your desires.
  • Let’s pray to God that what ever pit we are in, we ask the lord to bring us our whether financial, health etc… any evil that’s block your success this morning ask God to clear your path and set your feet upon the rock soo you don’t fall back.
  • We pray for fresh anointing, pray for your family, friends, our nation and the whole world. God will continue to see us through.
  • Let’s thank God for everything, let his will be done in our life’s this morning and by his grace everything will turn around for our good..

If your reading this today I would like you to say an Amen  … please don’t forget to like and share to your loved ones.. welcome to the month is August. We are established and free in Christ we pray.

Thank you for joining me today as we thank the lord for brining us to this new month.

Happy new month and happy international girlfriends day to all the ladies. God bless 

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