Healthy bedtime habits

Having a good night rest is really important and necessary.

Hey guys, today it’s all about sleep sleep 藍. No matter how busy a person is, it’s soo important to have a good night rest. Adapting a proper bedtime habit is important because it’s highly essential to our physical and mental health.

Although it’s difficult for most individuals to adapt a proper bedtime routine Because if there busy schedules, most times we have to finish up with work soo we stay up all time, or if your having exams the next day you stay up all night studying for that exam most people know this as TDB (Till Day Break)…

Essential healthy bedtime habits

Having a particular bedtime routine is very essential. Here are a few bedtime habits we should adapt to:

  • Try as much as possible to avoid sleeping next to electronic devices. It’s not safe
  • Skip night snacks honestly this goes to people who are trying to watch their weights most especially. Most times the real hunger starts at night like from 9:00pm up, try and much as possible to do away with this, it messes with your immunes. If you want to snack it’s advisable and better you take fruits. And there aren’t any fruits at home just take water.
  • Make sleep a priority. Most times we get soo caught up in our job or business or what ever and we cut down on our sleep. Take out time to rest and rest your brain so to function better in the morning.
  • Avoid taking caffeine at night. Okay this has messed with me a couple of nights and trust me it’s not an experience we want to encounter. Keeping long story short my eyes where shining soo bright all night I couldn’t close them 
  • Use dim light. To have a better rest especially those who can’t sleep at night with out a light, make use of dim lights. It helps you to relax.
  • You can also try meditating and indulge your self with one or two yoga routines at night before going to bed.

Establish a new and healthy bedtime habit.

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