Hey guys, how was your weekend, Hoping it went well…

Over the weekend Creativemay was privileged to conducted a written interview with AYOMIDE ABOLARINWA. His an Writer, Actor, comedian and a Certified Tourist.
Here how it all went down:


Who is Ayomide Abolarinwa ?

Answer: Ayomide Abolarinwa is a God fearing and passionate person, I’m always positive and try to help others achieve their dreams if I can..


what are your achievements soo far ?

Answer: Well so far I have been able to acquire some some knowledge on filmmaking, and I’m a certified Tourist.


what inspired you to go into the field your in presently ?

Answer: Well Acting has been my dream since I was 15 year old, that the only thing that gives me joy that even when I’m tired I still do it.


How long have you been into arts and entertainment ?

Answer: Officially I joined the entertainment industry November 2018.


what key advice would you like to give youths who are new to arts and entertainment ?

Answer: Well, I advice them to always please be positive and they should know that in entertainment industry A lot of things happens that kills vibes, At first do not chase money, build your Name and wait for money.

Here we have it guys, this was a really lovely interview and I loved it most especially because I got to come in contact with an individual who’s passionate about what he does and I got to learn From him.
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