Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS)

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Today’s mental health topic is (FAS) Foreign Accent Syndrome, a rare illness that causes a person to speak with an accent of someone from a different country or region.

This might sound unrealistic or impossible but it’s real and it’s very possible and extremely Rare. It’s a different cause if the language was learnt and the individual has lived in that state or country for a while.

An individual with this illness usually have brain damage or a neurological condition, though some have mental health conditions.

Psychogenic FAS is defined by Verhoeven and Mariën (2010) as “the variant in which the foreign accent of the patient is grounded in underlying psychological issues”. It is also referred to as “non-organic,” “functional,” or “psychosomatic” FAS. Sources: ( A review )


This mental health problem is caused by damage to the part of the brain that controls the rhythm and melody of speech. These damages are due to stroke, trauma and brain tumor. Other symptoms includes

  • A speech disorder that affects ones ability to make sounds.
  • Communication disorder also known as Aphasia. It affects ones ability to understand and express languages

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