Creativemay’s Top Essential Nigerian Delicacies ( you have to try )

Food is one thing a lot of people can’t do without, I for one can’t do without it and you know you can’t either. Just like we have popular Nigeria dishes various countries have theirs ( part of culture Click here )

I’m going to be giving you guys a list of meals/ recipes that will blow your mind . If you haven’t tired these meals then you should, if you have then you know what I’m talking about 

If your abroad and you want to take your taste buds on an adventure then Nigeria is the place to be.

when it comes to food we know where our head is at and we put our all to cooking. Join me as we review various delicacies


The most popular meal both in Nigeria and diaspora is Rice. It’s either prepared as Fried rice ( How to prepare ), jellof rice, coconut rice(How to prepare ), white rice and stew( How to prepare ) etc. My favourite will be the jellof rice How to prepare

Did you know that rice has its health benefits

  • It’s Fiber can lower cholesterol
  • reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke

Also we have the basmati rice which is known as the healthiest rice world wide, it has the most vitamins and minerals and the least amount of arsenic

No Nigerian party or recipe outlets can be completed without the mention of rice most especially jellof rice or our popular local rice know as Ofada rice (unpolished rice) How to prepare

Pounded yam/ Fufu/ Garri/ Starch

These are what we call local foods popularly know as swallow. They are usually consumed with various types of traditional soups be it Egusi, Okro, Banga, Vegetable, Edika-ikong, white soup, fisherman soup, black soup etc

There is no party or recipe outlet or Nigerian restaurant home and abroad that you won’t find any one of these dishes mentioned above.

Various types of swallow and soups they go with

Bean cake (Moi Moi & Akara)

Moi moi and Akara another lovely delicacy consumed in Nigeria, it can be eaten with pap, soaked garri with groundnut, sometimes bread, and custard.

Moi moi and Akara are both made from processed beans, the only difference is Akara is fried while moi moi is boiled with moi moi nylon, moi moi leave or moi moi cup. one can be garnished with egg or fish ( moi moi). How to prepare Moimoi & Akara

Ewa Agoyin

This is mashed beans with pepper sauce and it’s best eaten with bread. It’s a very popular delicacy in Nigeria most especially in Lagos ( western region). How to prepare


This is another Nigerian delicacy popularly known as African salad and common among the Igbo nation. It is made from cassava with sliced Ugba popularly known as oil bean seed with fresh vegetables like garden egg and served with fried fish or garnished ponmo. How to prepare Abacha


I must confess, this was my everyday breakfast back in school with my friends. We will purchase it and then take it with a cup of soaked garri 

This is a very popular Nigerian Delicacy in the Eastern region of Nigeria. It’s made from a special beans called Bambara nut and looks kind of like moi moi. It’s a very nutritious delicacy. How to prepare okpa

Tuwo Shinkafa

This is another lovely delicacy from the Northern region of Nigeria, I can’t talk about okpa, ewa agoyin and leave out Tuwo shinkafa. It is prepared from local rice, maize or millet, cooked to tenderness and served with different types of soup like Miyan kuka etc .. How to prepare

Pepper soup

It’s a spicy peppered delicacy from parts of west Africa also prepared in Nigeria with various kinds of meats or fish ( preferably Cat fish).

It’s light textured and watery in nature and can be eaten with rice or pounded yam.

Health benefits

  • It’s spicy taste helps with the flu and fever
  • It contains zinc, protein, camphene, manganese, Alkaloids, Limonene, Folic acid, Vitamins: A, B1, B2, C and E.

Hey guys…I had the best time writing this blog post, I hope you enjoyed reading it…

If you haven’t tried any of the delicacies above, then you should. Also don’t forget to leave your personal favourite delicacies at the comment section 

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