Creativemay Meets Uche Chiamaka Benita

Hey guys, welcome welcome. Happy Saturday to all my lovelies, Did you Miss me ?

I would like to apologize to everyone for the extremely long commercial break but now I’m back.

Today we got ourselves an interview with Beingeve an extremely special guest on our blog and also the latest author in the house #womancrushsaturday.

I was opportune to steal an interview with Beingeve where she got to tell us a little something about her latest master piece ( The Fashionista brand)… let’s find out how it all went down 

Ms Uche Chiamaka Benita, is a 19 year old Nigerian girlie (Imolite to be specific) who loves reading, writing and just being a girl. Currently in 200 level at UNN (course: Agric economics).


How would you describe your blogging style ?

Answer: Well, my blogging style…I can’t really say I have a particular style but then I try my best to be as relatable as possible while trying to get my message across…like I’m talking with friends

What Was the inspiration for BeingEve

Answer: The inspiration for Being Eve, huh? Well it was inspired by this crime series I love watching: Law & Order: SVU. That series gave me the idea to start a blog and I’d decided to make my blog one that talks about life as a girl because I realized that there aren’t really many blogs out there that just talk about what it’s like being a girl so I decided to do exactly that

What the most challenging moment of being a blogger

Answer: The first four months….when I was struggling to find a niche for my blog. I was so hung up on the advice of pro bloggers everywhere (and I mean everywhere) who said a lifestyle blog won’t work and that I have to niche down to a single topic. I almost did that, but then I looked through the comments on my blog and realized that my readers loved my blog just the way it is and that’s what matters

What’s your greatest achievements so far

Answer: Well, my greatest achievement so far…I could easily say that it’s going self hosted or finally creating my first digital product or getting 3k+ readers from over 35 countries…but no it’s none of that. My greatest achievement so far is being able to use my blog to inspire girls out there to be the best versions of themselves (there are people who have commended me on the good work from time to time). That, is my greatest achievement so far.

Tell us about you book “ The Fashionista Brand”

Answer: Okay, so “The Fashionista Brand” is a style guide eBook that was written with the aim of helping you create a unique style that expresses your personality while also adding a bit of branding in order to make your style rhyme with your personal brand. Its a book that’s intended to help you define and brand your personal style without having to break a bank

What the inspiration behind that master piece

Answer: The inspiration behind “The Fashionista Brand” is actually a friend who told me to try writing an eBook about something I know. And well, personal style was the first thing I could think of because even though I am no style expert, I’m at least able to let my personality shine through my outfits which is what style is about. I also decided to write it in order to give girls like me (who are not Kylie Jenner) an easy and efficient guide to creating a unique personal style that they can be proud of while keeping a budget.

I loved this.

Thank you guys soo much for reading and don’t forget to check out our special guests blog Being Eve and also purchase her book which will be launched on the 28th November 2020…

Have a lovely weekend

See you soon ❤️

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