I personally don’t know anyone who hasn’t felt insecure about anything. You know when talking about insecurities the first thing that comes to most minds is RELATIONSHIPS insecurities. But there are tuns of insecurities beyond relationships, to be honest relationship insecurities are terrible trust me especially if your someone who has commitment issues.

Insecurities could be in form of jealousy, procrastination and soooo on. Personally I have dealt with Insecurities a lot and I’m not just talking about relationships insecurities but life insecurities, wanting to be like others (envy), craving to have the same things with a person I’m envious of, trying and striving to be friends with that persons sooo I could feel among, its silly I know but it happens to the most of us.

That feeling of insecurities is the worst feeling ever , it’s a feeling of vulnerability, instability, unease maybe due to childhood experiences, experiences of failure, loneliness, rejection ( this one is just the worst to be rejected especially if it’s by someone you love and care soo much about).

Not wanting to leave your comfort zone is also an act of insecurities, not interested in trying new things cause the activities are out of your comfort zone therefore giving you uncertainties as to what the changes are all about, you start having negative thoughts about that change that you haven’t even tried. Crazy right !

While I was dealing with my insecurities which I’m going to share with you guys soon , I tried not to act on my feelings you should try it to, Relaxed and cooled off, opened my mind to those feelings, I became soo joyful ( these days I smile a lot, I literally cannot stop smiling ), I always found gratitude in any situation I encounter. These are very useful tips.

However, I will have you know that joblessness is one of the major causes of insecurity. When you have nothing doing, ur idle ( an idle mind is the devils work shop and makes a lazy person. I’m sure we are all familiar with this phrase). when idle, you have a 70% chance or if not more of having insecurity issues, you start having all sorts of thoughts, most persons start remembering past issues that they haven’t resolved and start pondering on them, you start keeping malice with your friend cause she didn’t say hi to you last week and lots more.

Quick question, you know it’s said that insecurity is the fair of the unknown then why do people still feel insecure about past experiences ?

l would love to hear your answers…..

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