Hey guys, happy Tuesday #tuesdaythought. Well today I’m going to be sharing with you guys a cliche (kinda silly story) written by myself. Please take it easy on me with the critiques (藍). Don’t usually write stories but here we go 

It’s been a while since Sai smiled. It was a really tough year for her, tons of challenges and it’s been like hell.

Sai was a journalist at a media house at downtown Pennsylvania but got laid off due to shortage of funds. It’s been two years without a job for Sai, she lost her house and now living with her parents, her relationship status says “it’s complicated”. Sai used to be engage to Frank Jones but he eloped with some other women leaving Sai heart broken, all this within two years. She saw her life crashing down before her eyes.

Tina, a high school Friend of Sai and a mother of two came over to see Sai at her parents house and here’s how the conversation went…

Tina: (walks into Sai room), it’s getting depressing in here Sai, when are you going to go out and get your life back.

Sai: welcome to my life Tina, I’m not in the mood. My whole life sucks, I don’t have a job, No man and I’m staying at my parents.

Tina: Do you have any plans cause seems to me your enjoying this life of yours. You’ve been cooked up in this room for so long it even smells like failure in here.

Sai: (sobs) I don’t know what to do girl, I’m sick and tired, depressed, frank left me for God knows who and why and Miss him.

Tina: Sai, when are you going to get over Frank and move on ?. I’m pretty sure his somewhere married and about to have kids while your sobbing like a child over a guy who doesn’t care about you. Come on girl, get your life together will you.

Sai: Easy for you to say Tina, you’re happily married with kids. Your not alone.

Tina: sweetie, put on your cloths let’s go somewhere. I have someone I would like you to meet.

Sai: No, I don’t want to go. I’m not ready to face the world 

Tina: it’s now or never girl. Meet me in the car and put some make up on, you look terrible.

Tina took Sai to meet some friends. And she was able to pull her self together, got a job at another media firm, meet this really awesome guy and it’s been a bed of roses for Sai.

Turns out she only needed that push from her friend so she could find her self . Often times we can’t get over situation alone we just need a little push and motivation to get through stuff.

I hope you liked my little not so perfect story Thanks for reading guys ✌

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