Originally posted on December 14, 2020 @ 8:09 pm

Hey guys, welcome to back and If it’s your first time here, a special welcome to you #hugs and kisses.

Christmas is 10days away and I’m excited. Are you excited ?

Well, this year had its ups and downs, I for one can say I learnt a lot this year and I’m looking forward to the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

It’s going to be my first BLOGMAS and it’s a 10 day count down to Christmas with May.

The count down begins…

  • Day 0: Introduce the creativemay blogmas count down
  • Day 1: Meaning of Christmas
  • Day 2: Festive date tips
  • Day 3: Favourite Festive movies and songs ( Christmas playlist)
  • Day 4: Festive world wide recipes
  • Day 5: Festive sermons #ScriptureSunday
  • Day 6: 5 things I love about Christmas
  • Day 7: The Nigerian Christmas culture
  • Day 8: The tales of the Mistletoe
  • Day 9: Christmas, Commercialized or Nah
  • Day 10: The perfect Christmas Experience

Hope you’re excited for the creative blogmas count down because I sure am.

Feel free to participate and share your reviews on our countdown blog posts. Dont Forget to subscribe to my blog to stay updated.



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A life Analyst, scribbler, and passionate volunteer.

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      1. I’m really not use to the blogmas thing. Only plan on giving it a try next year. Never even knew there’s something like Blogmas until everyone started doing it‍♀️. Willy try and participate next year though. Thanks for the invite though❤

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