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Let’s talk about introverts. This might sound silly coming from me but I just found out that there are types of introverts ( embarrassed ). Let’s get to it.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Introvert”

Is it that shy boy or girl? that antisocial person at school? That guy that doesn’t come outside his house? That weird girl in school who eats lunch all alone in the cafeteria? Etc

An introvert is understood as a quiet, reserved, and sympathetic individual. An introvert is someone who prefers quiet, minimally encouraging atmospheres. They feel fatigued after socializing and appreciate solitude. He is someone who gets energy from spending time alone. A person who prefers a calm environment and is characterized by traits such as; passivity, thoughtfulness, etc

There are 4 types of introverts

  • Restrained introvert: they get uncomfortable when rushed into situations. They are reserved, thoughtful, and are not fans of change. This type of introverts find comfort in their own routine
  • Anxious introverts: are also known as shy introverts. This type of introvert craves solitude even when they are around their friends. They tend to be uncomfortable around lots of people and are pon to social anxiety.
  • Thinking introvert: They are master daydreamers. They hardly socialize because they are so busy cooked up in their world. Thinking introverts are quite the genius types. They love hypothesizing, creating, and storytelling to such an extent that it monopolizes their mental space. When they do talk, people tend to cling to their every word.
  • Social introverts: They are the most outgoing and private, they do not feel shy or anxious when around people but they feel emotionally drained when they stay out too long. When hanging out with their friends, they tend to be more comfortable and relaxed and they don’t share details about themselves with anyone other than their friends.

Hmmmm, Do you think you are an Introvert? if so Which are you?

Aside from introverts, we also have Extroverts and ambiverts.

Psychological facts about introverts

  • Introverts react quickly to new information rather than change
  • Introverts dread small talk
  • Introverts are careful and calculated about what risk to take
  • Introverts are deep thinkers
  • Introverts are highly creative and imaginative
  • Introverts like the rain
  • Happiness might not be a top priority for introverts but its okay 🙂


Heyyyyyyyyyy, I hope you enjoyed the blog 🙂

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