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Today’s icing on the cake ( I love butter icing tho) is a research-based post and not based on visitation or anything.

I would love to share with you, the worlds most luxurious places ( according to research and other resources).

It might be a must-visit for you though ( how about that 😉 )

The truth is, money cannot buy happiness but it can definitely buy you luxury. How about one of these bad boys….

Worlds most luxurious places

P.s, it is not according to world ranking or anything. Although it has been listed out randomly.

1. The city of love, heart shapes and all the butterflies. It’s Paris for me :).

Paris is one of the most luxurious places in the world, it is expensive ( you can’t have luxury without money dhurrrrrr). With the Eiffel tower and what’s not, Paris is a place to be. With restaurants like Monnaie de Paris, and all the goodies ( I’m I right ?)

2. Dubai UAE. Luxury cannot be described without talking about Dubai, like I mean common guys it’s Dubai. I dunno about you but to me, it is the city of gold :). It has the tallest tower that I know of ( correct me if I am wrong ), highest water slide, don’t get me started on the Burj Al Arab hotel.

3. New York (USA). New York like we all know is called the capital of Media, Cultural and Financial world. The living cost is expensive, it’s advanced in fashion, media, technology, research, etc. Who wouldn’t want to go to New York ?.

4. Singapore. It has one of the best-developed economies, one of the greenest cities in the globe and it’s well known for its nightlight shopping and so much more. ( did I forget to mention that o am available for travels 😉 )

Shining bright like a diamond….

5. Milan, Italy. The world of fashion and design, you cannot go wrong with fashion in Italy. How about a little tour at the Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall. Please let’s not go there (okay).

Hey, let’s just say these are my best places in the world, although it could change :). But hey, we have a bucket load of luxurious places in the world and if we start, it is going to end up like a 300page project.


How was today’s post ?

Let me know if you would to talk about other luxurious places and so much more.

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