Love scrubs

By Ogbor Blessing Oluchi

I stared into space as I normally do, everything felt numb again as it did when the father of my daughter died, Fred had been my all, he wasn’t just my partner or fiancé he was the father of the sweetest girl I know who happens to be my daughter but the cold hands of death snatched him away from me on the eleventh day of July 2021 after being diagnosed with leukemia a year before. I thought I could help I thought I could do something but I just stared and watch him take his last breath how pathetic could that be?

It’s been four years yet it seemed just like yesterday, my friends urged and begged me to date but each time I found myself canceling, they couldn’t blame me I own and manage Bryant’s hospital and I have a five-year daughter to take care of, time wasn’t what I had in excess to spare so I made myself believe but the truth was I was numb to love, conversations with a guy bored me to death I found everything dreary and mind-numbing so where’s the fun in that don’t get me wrong the guys I have been linked with are quite handsome it’s just there’s never a connection with them from my part especially with the ones I agreed to indulge. My friends have finally given up on me since a year now and counting and I slightly feel relieved.

Work helps me escape the reality of companionship and my daughter gives me a reason to smile so I feel content.

My door opened and my assistant walked in, Genny has been nothing but competent, she’s been working for me for five years and I have never had any trouble with my booking or schedules she’s been helpful.

She too has shown concerns about my lonely life but I always wore a smile up my sleeve indicating I’m fine.

“Mandy um the applicants are waiting for you”

I allowed her to call me my first name because I feel she has earned it

I smiled and dropped my mug noticing my coffee had turned cold.

“Thank you Genny I’d be there,” I said to her

She nodded and walked out of my office

Well it’s time to put in a smile and interview the new intakes”


Hey guys, how are you doing…

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