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People of God. I’m here to highlight my experience with a course that gave me blue balls. yes, I said blue balls. It’s really giving me a hard time I don’t know if anyone else can relate. anyways welcome to my online journal guys. It’s been a minute and I’ve been off the grid for like a week or so because of this managerial accounting course, guys it’s doing strange things to me mhen. Anyways what’s new with you guys, buzz me up in the comment section let’s chat. I really would love to know how your day went and all the numerous activities you guys have been entangled with. for me it’s been managerial accounting all week long and it’s going in some sort of way, to be honest. but it’s all cool, right?

Here are some questions for you guys:

  1. How was your week?
  2. what new activity did you engage in this week?
  3. What’s the vibe for the new week?
  4. what would you guys like me to talk about on the blog (#taking requests)

let’s engage 🙂

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