Let’s talk lessons

An Aftermath

Taking of small steps to the right direction is very important. Funny story, it turns out to be the biggest, largest & greatest step of your life.

Always have a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eyes. You never know whom you might affect with that positive attitude. Think about the aftermath, I think I’m smiling now 🙂

It’s okay not to have a particular goal now. Remember, your never to old to discover yourself. Age is basically just a number. Your never to old to reinvent yourself.

Mistakes will be made, trust me I’ve made a number. I even fell down weeks ago. In life we will fall and rise multiple times but never give up. I didn’t soo neither should you.

Patience is a virtue, wealth doesn’t always mean success. Read sometimes, it helps the brain, it helped mine.

Dont compare yourself to others, it affects your well being. In a nutshell confidence is when you don’t compare yourself.

A compassionate mind is the source of happiness and it makes more sense… don’t you think ?

So I heard, hard work doesn’t always guarantee success but that’s what makes it challenging.

It’s true that lack of boundaries opens doors for lack of respect, this i have experienced.

Change is constant, people will always change…but I would call that maturing

Life is a lesson, so never stop learning.


Hey guys, welcome to and back.

how you doing… Hope you enjoyed today’s special #thursdaytalk…

See you soon ( a bientôt)


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