Understanding The Meaning of Christmas

what does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas to me is all about christ, celebrating his birth and his love for us as Christians. it’s a time to thank God for giving us joy and sending his son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our salvation. Today’s post is intentional, it is me channeling my energy and yours to understand the love of Christ and his daily blessings in our lives. you are alive today to see this post. I am alive today to write this article and share it with you. it’s enough to be thankful for don’t you think?

Christmas should be every day, but we have chosen one day out of the three hundred and something days in a year to appreciate him intentionally and wholeheartedly with no regrets whatsoever. we have selected this day because it is a day to be thankful for at all costs and count your blessings all through the year one by one and smile because the lord has done wonders in your life.

The year may not have been ever blissful but if you think about it, every day you open your eyes to see another day don’t you think that’s a big deal? you were chosen, even in sin you have been selected to live another day and it is not by your might nor your power but by the goodness and mercies of God our father in heaven, and because of this, we should give thanks at all cost, in all and with all things.

I’m no saint, let me expose myself but I know what God has done for me. This year I wasn’t digging the whole Christmas vibe but just in a few seconds, just a few words transformed my thoughts and I was like “Nah mennnn” Christmas is for christ and I should be thankful for it.

Think happy thoughts while moving into 2023, be more intentional with life, and see how things would transform from just being okay to becoming great.

Merry Christmas and a great 2023 from May to you

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