“The skies weep through labour pains as it struggles to birth forth Change… “
– Anonymous.

Nigeria bleeds… The most heartbreaking phrase i never thought i’d use. Our country slowly spirals out of control and, defying all possible logic, it seems “united, we fall”. But that’s the thing, we’re still united! Let me explain.
Nigerians are, naturally, a proud, diverse people with different views and beliefs, ruled under one nation and as sad as it is to admit, that point of difference has been the reason for division amongst us, in more ways than one which is why a fire of pure, unadulterated pride lights up in me, seeing every man, woman, boy and girl, put their differences aside to seek what, funnily, should be given, UNDEMANDED!

A movement, #ENDSARS, that started, seeking the disbandment of the unit, popularly known as SARS quickly matured into an embodiment of a common dream.. A dream of better jobs and governance. A dream of an improved healthcare system. A dream of being allowed to live. A dream of a Nigeria we’ll be proud to call our own.
But, obviously, that’s too much to ask as there are, “allegedly”, over 70 persons dead from the peaceful protests.

Here’s a question… How do people die during peaceful protests? I could give you three guesses, but even you would not have guessed that the very people appointed to protect us, turned us into moving targets.

My heart goes out to the famililes of the lost heroes. They grieve, and so we fight. We fight, to show them that the lives lost were not in vain. To show them that their names have been carved, with blood, into history. We’ve come too far, and lost too much, to just give up.

That Change they tried to abort WILL be born. Aluta continua. Victoria acerta.

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