The house was quiet. John was in the gym downstairs and sarah had just woken up from her mid day rest. She longed for what to do roaming around the house. John was a freak for ancient African art. He had wooden sculptures as well as the famous Nok head sculptures. But he wasn’t an artist himself but he saw himself as an art enthusiast.

Out of all the rooms she passed she came across one, it was partially open. She walked in, it was John’s study, she sat in his chair for a while looking at all the books neatly shelved and clean. She opened one which was on his desks but it wasn’t filled with pages, it had a hole in it and in the hole was a key. Sarah had a very curious mind right from when she was a child. That explained a lot about how eager she was to learn in school. But in this case, curiosity killed the cat. As she picked the key, it was obvious it was for the table drawer, she unlocked it and she was shocked at what she saw.

She saw a file titled “Extermination list”, she saw pictures of individuals in the file and the last picture was that of Annabel. She was confeused, she searched the drawer for more clues, she felt her blood rushing as she searched frantically for what she didn’t know about but what played loudly in her mind were the words of Annabel during her wedding.

  “Oh my God” she gasped to herself. She had stumbled on an mw11 (gun). She picked it up and rushed to the gym downstairs to meet John

 John-  “Babe are you alright, what’s…”

Sarah- john what’s this..

-” where did u find that?” John asked with a firm look on his face.

” I ask the questions in this case…what is this doing in our house?” Her look was far more serious than his.

“Sarah relax I just use it for protection”….he said as he slowly walked to her..”ok hun just give me the gun ok”.

“If You fucking lie to me or take one more step I swear I will pull the trigger”..this time she was dead serious John could tell that her sweet side had just left the building, he had to come clean.

” ok ok I’ll talk just put down the gun” he said trying to calm her down 

” no i will take my chances” she said as she threw the files at his face as tears rolled down her eyes.

” sarah it’s not what you think” he said softly. He felt weak his worst nightmare had just taken place. 

 ” all this is not my fault ok it’s the family business” he began. He confessed all to her. John’s family was more like a cartel or the mafia he was a drug dealer, his mother died of cancer when he was18. Being the only son he did most of the dirty work his father told him to do while he pursued his political endeavours. 

    When he dated Annabel she seemed like the promising wife but John left her when a job that went so well also destroyed Annabell’s chance of being a mother. Her womb had been destroyed by opium. A very powerful drug. She tried sneaking it In her body but the drug bag had burst in her body destroying her womb and almost took her life. John could marry someone who couldn’t bare him a child so he did the best a drug dealer would do. Have her alot of money and threw her by the side.

    John  was seeking a way out of the family business. He figured once he and Sarah had settled they would run away after he had finished tieing up loose ends to his past. He was seeking solitude. For the first time in his life john was vulnerable he felt helpless as he poured his heart out to the woman he loved as she pointed a gun at him crying.

“Please, sarah I need you please…. your my only chance of making things right” he said with tears rolling down his eyes.

  Sarah was confeused at this point she didn’t knw what to do. She looked at the man she loved in his weakest state. He had taken innocent lives, blood was on his hands but she could see repentance, but he had committed terrible crimes. What to do, what to do…

She threw the gun on the floor and walked to her room..she thought about their wedding vows..for better for worse…it hadn’t been up to a month of their wedding…the questions rolled down her mind should she leave or should she stay.


Thanks for reading check out the part two of the story @ Truth II and the part one @ Truth

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