Truth II

She looked so beautiful, I could tell she had alot on her mind. I could tell from the way she flinched her eyes as she was asleep. But, deep down I knew I never deserved a pure soul as she. But what could I do, the devil had fallen I love.

The wrongs I had done, the blood on my hands, damn. “Sarah must not know about my past” those words kept on playing on my mind. But.. I need to tie up loose ends to my past. Annabel was at my wedding. I wonder what she told sarah before shola came to them. But that aside I need to give my queen a treat before i sort out business.

“Morning Babe” she said with a light grin on her face. “What’s our plan for today?” She asked still grinning at me.

    “Well how about breakfast in bed” I had already fixed up breakfast for her and set the shower for her..typical gentleman move. Marriage was still new to me I didn’t  knw the right steps but I figured I’d just wing it. “Dont worry things will be ok when you find true love” those words from my late mom played on my mind at that moment. 

Everything went so well that morning, I felt at ease for once in my life. No bullets, no guns, no drugs..I had found my fortress of solitude in Sarah and she in me..but i could still noticed she was troubled. She kept searching my eyes for deeper secrets or for if I was hiding anything from her. I mean I wouldn’t blame her though we just dated for a year and a half before we got married. My stepmom was sceptical about her and wondered if she would fit in the family business. But I will not let her in on the dark path of my family. She is my light, my hope. Even if God has forsaken me at least she is my beacon of hope of forgiveness from him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” She said as she filled her mouth with bread and some eggs. ” cant I at least admire my wife without her being to curious about my intentions?” I said as I smiled slyly at her. I could tell I took her off guard. Even with her brown skin I could tell she was shocked as she smiled sheepishly at me.

But I triggered somthing more than a smile. I could see the hunger in her eyes as I walked up to her. As my hands fell on her skin, I could feel her shudder as if an ice cube had slide down her back.

Her lips called for mine on hers…

     At this point I felt vulnerable.. I needed his lips on mine. I couldn’t hold back again. When his lips landed on mine I felt my body melt like butter on his strong arms as he lifted me to the bathroom.

     “Its time for a shower my love” he said to me…..

……to be continued….

Question to readers: what is John hiding from Sarah?

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