Did you know that acceptance is one of the best ways to accept anxiety in change? okay here’s the gist. change comes in all sorts of ways and because we find it difficult to accept what the change brings, anxiety sets in and kind of ruins everything.

Personally, I get anxious when something in my life is about to change, let’s say I’m about to get promoted in my office the announcement has not been made but I’m anxious because I’m contemplating whether this promotion is a good or bad thing, whether it’s going to mess with my schedule or not, would it give me more or less time to hang out with friends or would I automatically become a walking robot. Now with change comes anxiety and acceptance, the truth is in order to fully overcome the fear of change you have to accept that things are about to change and it would either be for good or bad regardless it has to be accepted. I have programmed my mind to always look for 10% of good in any bad situation I come across and it has been helpful so far. although I still get anxious, I’ve also learned to accept change regardless of how it sets in and you should too.

To be anxious means to be uncertain and as humans we always want to have that feeling of security and certainty, knowing what’s going to happen next, when and how it’s all going to happen, and with who. uncertainty is one of the biggest stress one can face, imagine being faced with that feeling of whether a friend likes you or not, you start having mixed feelings and reading wrong signals because of that you are uncertain of your relationship with the person and supposedly you get scared your feelings would change your friendship and all these emotions lead to anxiety.

How to deal with the anxiety of change

  • Do not get caught up in the change.
  • Accept that change comes with various emotions and can be overcome with possible solutions
  • Meditation is one of the key solutions to dealing with anxiety.
  • Talk about it with a friend, partner, or therapist.
  • Be honest about how you feel

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How about we engage? what sort of change stresses you out the most?

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