Prayer changes everything

Hey hey hey, how are you all doing?

Welcome to the new month, the month of September. This year was fast, seems like it was only yesterday that we celebrated the new year.

First day of the Month specials…

Prayer changes things. The good thing about prayer is the fact that God is never too busy for us, do not play with prayer. God is needed in every step of the way and you don’t have to change yourself to communicate with him, to learn from him.

Faith is the belief in things you cannot see and believe that God is always coming. God wants you to stay in faith and fulfil your purpose, everything God wants you to have he puts it in your imagination. No one knows what God wants for you, everything happens at an appointed time. No matter how hard life is you can’t quit, you cannot give up because God has a plan for you, crazy unimaginable plans.

God does not ask for perfection, he asks for consistency (be consistent in prayer, faith, hope). God does not give you what you want, he gives you what you need (he knows when you need a change in your life). Write down everything you need and work for it, God is willing and able to give you more than what you asked for. Grace is when you get something you don’t deserve that what God can do, the extraordinary.

Don’t be ashamed to call on God don’t be too proud to pray, create a relationship with God and he will take you to places you never imagined you will be. Try God because he loves every single one of us equally and he can change things not just for good but for the better.


Hope you enjoyed today’s post. A happy new month to everyone. Welcome to September

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