“Our nation bleeds. We the citizens need to rise above hate and work with each other to better our society, to better our environment, to better our nation and our lives.”


The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) had been a menace to the society. SARS plagued the public society for years and years, yes they are doing their jobs of keeping the peace but with time it changed into something else, the so called police officials sworn to protect us have been involved in harassing, molesting and extorting citizens of Nigeria, mostly youths.

youths who strive for their income, some of whom are young entrepreneurs who have small thriving businesses and are somewhat able to afford the phone that they use or the car that they drive.

These youths are “mistaken” to be criminals who engage themselves in financial crimes and fraud (yahoo boys) and are now being harassed, beaten up and extorted, the youth took to the streets in order to seek for the disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

After days and days protesting for these actions to be upheld, it has gone beyond ending SARS to seeking for good governance by our leaders, health care, eradication of corruption and poverty pushing forward to the rebuilding of our nation’s values.

The youths called for the reformation and the rehabilitation of the police and these protests have become intense mounting enough pressure on the government, THIS IS WHERE IT BEGINS!!!!!

In an attempt to destroy the unity of these protests and to weaken the masses, various factors have tried to hijack these protests through the deployment of thugs who then aimed at the destruction of public and private properties in an attempt to taint these “PEACEFUL” protests as violent and the cause of mayhem around various cities in Nigeria.

People have lost their lives as a result of these gruesome events and this has sent sorrow through the hearts of the Nigerian public who seek justice for the loss of innocents either through direct means or social media which has been a major tool in the projection of the voices of the Nigerian populace towards the outside world.

However, theses issues have been addressed but the question is “WHAT NEXT”, Was the goal of the youth achieved, where their voices heard, is this the end ?

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