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Maybe you are not
wake up yet. Today is another
new day God allows us. I can’t
say I understand
your feeling totally.
But I remembered
being your age.

At that time I need
to decide I live
normal life or commit
for movement. When I thought
about parents, I couldn’t decide
easily. I almost think
about death instead of getting
through. Even I was nineteen
I felt like I had lived whole
my life. Two of my friends
burnt their body to protest.
Every day I feel shade
of death near me.
I overcame the material
value like money or
name at that time.

Now I felt that
agony made me more
spiritual rather worldy. I
appreciated my struggling
time after twenty-five years.
But still somebody ask me
start my twenties again,
I will say no.

          Eight years ago
I went to see two boys
grave. I felt so sorry
about them. If they live
now, they can see how Korea is
better now.

          I don’t know how
to help you but please remember.
Love you Thank you being
born my daughter.

Source: Poetry foundation

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