We make our choice. Have you made any choice Soo far ? We choose to become who we are today.

I’ve choosen to be a motivational writer and that’s my choice and my choices have made me. Our choices determines our future. Everything in life is a reflection of the choices we make, if you want a different result then make a different choice.

Patrick Ness said “ we are the choices we make. Making good choices and decisions help us to move in the direction in which we want to go While making bad choices ends up being counterproductive and leads to spiraling into despair, confusion and stress.

It’s important to make proper choices cause the only one that determines the outcome of your choice is you and no one else. You can decided to choose a different lifestyle, choose a career you love, choose the kind of persons you want to be around and that’s your choice.

We should learn that our choices matter, life is all about choices. You choose to become who you want to be and who you are. Note: “We are free to choose but we aren’t free form the consequences of our choices.”

May our choices reflect our hopes not your fears ( Nelson Mandela). At the end of it all we are our choices and that’s a fact .

Choose what’s best for you and always remember your choices reflects what your past was like, what your present is like and what’s your future is going to be like.

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