Manifesting a better year

It’s been twenty days since we rolled into 2023 and so far it’s been speedy. Welcome to my creative space. just in 20 days, I have written 5 goals repeatedly and think I will write more soon. This year I would like to encourage everyone to manifest it positively and watch how beautiful it gonna be. let me tell you a tale not as old as time but an experience. 2022 was a rough kinda year for me, I was unemployed, getting far, eating carbs, de-motivated a lot, and even cried a couple of times in the bathroom and convinced myself that soap was in my eyes and it hurt like hell when in reality I was sad. beginning of the year I manifested a couple of things in my life and after waiting for a month things didn’t look promising so I started giving up. after a couple of months, I started manifesting again and I was more positive this time, and guess what it all turned out okay.

The moral lesson of this tale is, manifesting how you want your year to turn out is a good thing. Daydreaming about your goals and things yet to achieve is a good thing because behind every daydream and goal is a deeper desire. manifestation is the process of achieving a set goal through positive thinking. don’t get me wrong I am not saying you shouldn’t work because you wanna manifest so you just sit at home and cross your legs no. manifestation is working towards your goal in a positive way, it is self-logical.

ways to manifest a better year.

  1. Make an effort ( real measurement effort)
  2. Mediate. I hate to break it to you but you need to meditate. if you don’t want to cross your legs on a yoga mat with your hands shaped like a circle then talk to yourself in the shower ( call me crazy but it works)
  3. write out your daily affirmation and read it to yourself every day.
  4. Envision what you want and let it merge with the feeling of goodness of life.
  5. learn from your mistakes and have a positive attitude toward it
  6. practice gratitude and find peace
  7. Be specific about what you want and,
  8. pray about it

This year would be a wonderful year ( manifestation)

it’s not too late to start manifesting a better year.


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