Incomplete Journey: 2022 Special

with all that’s said and done, I would love to welcome you’ll to the new year. 

The journey of 2021 was something and I must confess it had itsgood and bad days, but where do I start? Nevertheless, Let me give you a little summary of my 2021. 

In the year 2021, everything felt like a bed of sweet red roses and it kicked off with soo much enthusiasm, anxiety, fear, laughter, doubting friendships, and confusion. 

In the early months of the year, I was a fresh graduate of the national youth service corp and as you know it, we were still enjoying the little cash we had left, grinding and chilling like no other. During these flex, one of my friends traveled out for Master to an undisclosed location and I got to find outunexpectedly because, to be honest, I thought we were like tight friends but oh well it is what it is right. 

Well, that one happened and the past is in the past cause honestly, it wasn’t all that deep right. Sha sha, after a few weeks/ months, desperation kicked in for a job and I was willing to start anything or do anything and if I’m being completely honest, I’m not the business inclined type, I’m more like a support clan, co-founder, and assistant, let me not deviate.

In may, 10th of maybe precise, I got a job in an educational setting and I got to teach ( sort of for a week) and after a while, I rolled into the administrative sector, and trust me it was okay but it wasn’t my calling so I left after 3 months. To be honest I still haven’t found my calling completely and I’m okay with that cause I’m still figuring stuff out low-key.

With all this confusion and all, it was enough for one to fall into some kinda depression but na, I’m a fighter, and seriously have you met me, I’m the most positive girl you will ever find. Anyways, I left my job and decided to stay home and chill, trust me it’s not as sweet as it sounds but I did it regardless and I cannot stress because the country is already hard. 

A few months to the end of the year, I started pulling out my creative and humanitarian side, and not to brag but I would kill as a psychologist or full-time counselor. oh well, I’m getting there. 

To be honest, I’m not really in a good place, and I’m not in a bad place either, but a girl has to make do with what she has. May 2021 was a great year but also wasn’t a great year but we move nonetheless. 

Moral lesson: life has its way of teaching sermons, it all depends on how you embrace it. Life is beautiful, live it to the maximum. My story is not complete because my life journey hasn’t arrived at its destination but we are on our way. 

Whats your little story? 

Welcome to 2022, looking forward to God’s limitless favour and innumerable blessings. 


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